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Visit WAZA National Park. The Waza National Park is a national park in Cameroon. Located in the extreme north of the country, near Lake Chad, it covers an area of ​​1,700 km ² 1. It is a listed biosphere reserve by Unesco. Rich of outstanding natural wildlife, it is one of the tourist attractions of Cameroon.

It was first a reserve created for hunting in 1934 under the name Zina-Waza. It received the status of a national park in 1968.

For the preservation and conservation of the biodiversity of the park, a Management Master Plan WAS drawn up in 1997 reported about to be the first of icts kind in Cameroon.  The park is adjacent to the Chingurmi-Duguma sector of Nigeria’s Chad Basin national Park. There aussi a proposal to combine this with the Waza Logone park floodplain as a Ramsar Site. The forest dwellers have you hAD Their villages resettled were Within the park on the borders of the park, it was Effective , established. This Was done with the objective of Creating a social buffer to poaching activities and preserve the park’s resources.

The dominant vegetation is in the transition zone between the Sahel and Sudan savanna, containing acacia and open Yaéré savannah forests. The prominent faunal species reported to inhabit the park are: lion, elephant, hyena, hartebeest, roan, Buffon’s kob, waterbuck, reed, gazelle and giraffe. The avifauna reported are geese, egrets, ostriches, herons, pelicans, jabirus and ibis.

The mammal population in the park is one of the largest in central West Africa. There are 30 species of mammals in the park. Some of the species of interest from the conservation angle are the Red-fronted gazelle (Gazella rufifrons) (VU), whose population is on the rise, and the Korrigum (Damaliscus lunatus korrigum) (VU), which is stable. Loxodonta africana (EN) which feeds in the Acacia seyal shrublands creates conflicts even with the farmers located far away.[3]Waza harbours a dwindling population of lions. A recent survey counted only 14-21 of these big cats. Waza is also home for elephants and in particular for one of the last populations of the Kordofan Giraffe (G. c. antiquorum). Kob-antelopes have increased to 5000 in the 1990s since a strong decline in the 1980s. Other large ungulate are warthog, roan, red-fronted gazelle and korrigum. Fast moving ostriches have been recorded. Elephants congregate at Mare aux Éléphants, a famous watering hole. Other species noted are giraffe, hartebeest, tsessebe, lyre cob, olive baboon, patas and vervet monkey, leopard, cheetah and nocturnal aardvark.

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Visit WAZA National Park

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