Travel To Kribi (Cameroon) - 2 Days

Travel To Kribi (Cameroon). Kribi is another beach near Douala which is popular for tourists and professional surfers. Kribi is considered the best beach in Cameroon. Unlike Limbe, the sands of Kribi is white. In addition to the beach, the Lobe Waterfalls, a World Heritage Site, is nearby.

Visitors to Kribi can access the falls by Beach Road. More adventurous travelers, after exploring the falls, can take a jungle tour through Lobe River. Another thing to mention is that this beach features mainly French-speaking locals.

Tourists need to be vigilant when trying off-the-beaten-paths. Many of the local people are willing to offer excellent advice on what sites to see at the beach but there are reports of people taking advantage of tourists, especially those who insist that tourists stay away from the resorts.

Touristic Sites in the South Region
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Travel To Kribi (Cameroon) 

Day 1
Departure From Yaounde to Kribi

Trip members are picked up from their hotel or lodging in groups of four. The time and date is scheduled by the agency and the tourists.

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Travel To Kribi (Cameroon)

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