The Campo Ma’an National park - 1 Day

The Campo Ma’an National park. Campo Ma’an National Park is a 264,064 hectare national park of Cameroon, located in the South Region in the Océan department. The combined area for the national park and the buffer zone surrounding the park is approximately 700,000 hectares.

The Campo Wildlife Reserve established in 1932 and the Ma’an Production Reserve set up in 1980 were combined to form this park in the year 2000 as a compensation for the damage caused to the ecosystem due laying of the oil pipeline in Cameroon. The park area includes four logging concessions, an agro-forestry zone, and an agro-industrial zone known for rubber and palms.

The biodiversity of the area has wide range of plants and animals species including several taxonomic endemics. The mammal species reported are 87 including elephants, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, hippos, giant pangolins, black colobus, mandrills and leopards. Reptile species reported are 122, and fish species are 165. It is also one of the 33 bird identified areas in the south western corner of Cameroon, bordering with Equatorial Guinea on the south and the Atlantic Ocean to its west and has more than 300 bird species. The park is subject to many threats to its ecosystem, mainly due to logging, poaching, agricultural activities and coastal development.

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Day 1
From Yaounde through Edea to Kribi to Campo

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The Campo Ma’an National park

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