Limbe Botanic Garden - 1 Day

History and Development

The Limbe Botanic Garden was founded by a group of Germans under the Directorship of Paul Preus in 1892. It served as a trials and acclimatisation centre for the introduction of exotic crop species such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, oil palm, banana, teak and sugar-cane for distribution within “Kamerun” and other German colonies. In its heyday the Limbe Botanic Garden was said to be one of the most important tropical botanic gardens in the world. To complement the work in Limbe, experimental plots for high elevation species such as tea (Camellia sinensis) were established in Buea. The Garden possessed a herbarium, laboratories, classrooms, a museum, a library and staff accommodation.

The British took over the responsibility for the Garden in 1920, advised by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and it was managed by a Kew-trained Superintendent. The British departed in 1932 and the garden was directly managed by Cameroonian personnel until 1958. With the independence of West Cameroon in 1961, the curation of the Garden was taken over by the Government. Despite the efforts of many people, the Garden declined during this period.

In 1988, a British-Cameroonian partnership was initiated through a Memorandum of Understanding which led to the renovation and development of the Garden. With redefined boundaries the Garden now covers an area of about 48 hectares. The role of the Limbe Botanic Garden has changed from an agricultural one to one of conservation, education, science, tourism and recreation, to meet the needs of today.

The Cameroon Government and the British Overseas Development Administration (ODA) are collaborating to:

  • encourage the conservation of Cameroonian forests by the local people for sustainable use.
  • encourage scientific studies of the natural resources for the benefit to humankind.
  • develop environmental awareness at different levels of society for a better future.
  • promote tourism and recreation in the region.

Limbe Botanic Garden provides a peaceful escape from the nearby bustling city. With its thematic gardens, majestic trees and ideal setting, it stands beside Mount Cameroon and the country’s extensive national park system as one of the outstanding places of interest in the country.

The Limbe Botanic Garden can only survive if it can attract foreign support. This means aiming to become an institutional base for scientific research and genetic conservation. It is only with comprehensive scientific research that we can learn more about the plants and animals of the nearby forests and how they interact. This knowledge can be used to benefit Cameroon and the rest of the world, by ensuring the sustainable use of the rainforest and helping to prevent inadvertent damage to this fragile and valuable resource.

Admire the outstanding views across the Atlantic Ocean on the coastal trail.
– Spot the herons and Kingfishers of the Riverside trail, feeding on the banks of the Limbe river as it flows through the garden.
– Hike up the Bota adventure trail to see the largest tree in the garden at the top of the Bota hill.
4. The gardens’ lawns:
– Wander across these beautiful lawns, surrounded by a dazzling display of colors through out the year.
– Have a picnic and relax with friends in the scenic splendor of these gardens
– Visit the jungle village, a unique out door amphitheatre embedded in the natural landscape of the gardens. Its also the ideal venue for concerts, weddings and other events.

5. The hot spot restaurant:
– Samples African and European cuisine served at the hotspot restaurant over looking Ambas bay with its breath taking views.
6. Other services in clued:
– Environmental education
– Conference Centre facilities
– Office space and equipment
– Living collections and landscape
– Management
– Horticulture
– Nursery.

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Day 1
From Yaounde through Douala to Limbe

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Limbe Botanic Garden

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