Korup National Park

The Korup National Park is a national park in Cameroon. It is located south-west of the country, on the border with Nigeria. Created in 1986, it nonetheless remains one of the most important in Africa because of the diversity of its flora and fauna.

You can go by boat or road from Limbe via Kumba. To get there we should think well equipped (closed shoes, mosquito repellent …)

The park is unique. It covers 1260 km ² and is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest rainforests in the world. Its rich fauna and flora lies in the fact that he survived the Ice Age and today it looks like a museum of more than 60 million years.

More than 400 species of trees and many medicinal plants have been identified. It was the discovery of a vine (Aucistraladus korupensis) which would have positive effects in the treatment against certain cancers and against HIV.

As for wildlife, there are over 300 species of birds within the park and another 100 around 174 reptiles and amphibians and 140 species of fish that inhabit the numerous rivers. Developed as a natural wildlife reserve, there are some elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, leopards or chimpanzees. It also contains more than 25% of primate species in Africa.

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Korup National Park
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