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In 1992, the author and coordinator, Tafor Princewill Che discussed the project with Sama Wilfred and approached the Fon of Bafut-Abumbi II. The Fon of Bafut willingly gave the old palaces of Mbebli and Njibujang and the main garden area of Niko/Mankaha for the project. The old palace of Mbebli also known as Ntoh Firloo is the cradle of the Bafut Kingdom. The Bafut people built the palace here when they irst arrived from Tikari some 400 years ago. It contains the tombs of the irst three Bafut Kings namely, Firloo, Nebasi Suh and Ambebi. Libation for the famous Bafut Annual Dance “Abin” begins here. It will now serve as an aboretum. The palace at Njibujang contains the tomb of the 8th King of Bafut -Achirimbi I. It harbours some rare medicinal plants and has a grinding mill which was used to grind an extinct species of maize (musang). This will serve as the second arboretum.

The botanic garden will be developed at Niko/Mankaha which was the military headquarters of the 9th king of Bafut Abumbi I during the Bafut German wars. From here he directed the military operations during the war and it now serves as a war memorial to the Bafut people. After we acquired the land we met Dr Ngwache Francis, the North West delegate of the Environment & Forest Department who was very supportive. He assigned the indefatigable Tangie Peters who did the survey, mapping and prepared a technical report. The project Committee have also developed articles of association. Once the report was completed, we started to involve the surrounding people with the need to conserve the patches of forest found in the project area. This was not easy as they saw the project as a hindrance to their uncontrolled harvesting of its products. However, In June 1997 the irst thematic gardens were established.

These are an ornamental garden, a medicinal garden, a spice garden, an indigenous plant garden, a rock garden and a waterfall garden. · Description: The gardens are situated in the town of Bafut and were created by Professor Ngwa Che Ntehnda. The gardens contain many interesting features other than plants, such as the ‘Gardens of Gethsemane’ meditation area and a fruit orchard. There is also a restaurant and bar (housed in a traditional boukarous) and a child’s activity area. It is possible to book a room at the gardens if you want to stay overnight in Bafut. · Accessibility & Transport: To reach SABOG from Belo, you take a 1hr taxi to Bamenda followed by a second taxi to Bafut. · Cost: · Guide: 1000CFA ($2, €1.54), per person · Camera: 1000CFA ($2, €1.54), per camera · Transport: Approximately 4000CFA($8, €6.15) per person, return.


Aba’angoh Bafut, Bamenda Cameroon

Landscape at Saddle Hill Ranch
· Versatile Landscape
· Expansive lawns & open green spaces
· Horse & Cattle Ranches
· Artiicial Lake / Fish Pond
· Ecological Vegetable Garden
Aba’angoh, the neighbourhood in which Saddle Hill Ranch is located, is noted for its strikingly shaped mighty rocks with a unique disperse on hills. Saddle Hill Ranch is set in nearly 100 acres of land, most of which has been preserved in its natural vegetation and is home to a variety of livestock. There are more than two kilometers of walking trails meandering through the hills where clients can hike ride quad.

Cattle Ranch at Saddle Hill
The cattle Ranch constitutes a vast number of cattle located one hill across from the Governor’s Mansion. You can take an early quad bike ride, or just have a 10 to 15 minute walk over to the cattle hill. Watch from the plateau next to the ranch and enjoy the view of endless hills, valleys, and plains, or just watch the cattle herders as they guide the cattle out of their night paddoocks to start a full day of grazing that will take them over the hills that make up the ranch. The magnificent sunset view from this hill is also accompanied by the return of the cattle to their

Kids Activities
At Saddle Hill Ranch we have dedicated areas full activities for kids and the little ones. We are developing more of these services and please keep checking as we add more to the list.
→ Trampolines
→ Mechanical Slides
→ Water slide
→ Swings
→ Inlatable pool
→ Constructed above-ground pool
→ Horse Riding with guide

Adult Activities Horse Riding
The great countryside and hills at Saddle Hill lend themselves magniicently to being explored on a horseback. With dramatic valleys, large rocks, savannah ields, rolling countryside and miles of landscape, it’s a veritable horse-rider’s heaven and those seeking an equine adventure.

There are more than two kilometers of walking trails meandering through the immediate hills of Saddle Hill Ranch where clients can hike. The hills provide a challenging hike while the summits provide a breathtaking view of the natural surrounding. Hike at sunset to experience.

Mountain Biking
There are miles of trails as well as rocky valleys meandering through the 5 hills of Saddle Hill Ranch providing an exciting terrain for mountain biking enthusiasts. Mountain Biking could be organised as individuals or in groups. The hills provide a challenging hike while the summits provide a breathtaking view of the natural surrounding. Biking at sunset to experience the beautiful horizons or at dusk to breathe the fresh coolness of morning dew.

The newly built stunning ininity pool and pooldeck provide a good opportunity to enjoy a relaxing swim. The pool and pooldeck also lend themselves to magniicient views of surrounding hills and valleys.

Lounging & Relaxing
Saddle Hill Ranch’s surroundings are littered with beautiful cosy spaces to lounge and relax staring into the wonders of the hills and horizons. The unique nature of the climate at Bafut means your lounging experience whether on the terraces or in the fields is free from annoying insects you ind in other exotic locations.

Quad Biking
If it’s adrenaline fueled thrills or learning some new driving skills in the wild, you’re in the right place with our quad bikes! For the exhilarating thrill of racing with friends across acres of landscape, then you’re spoilt for choice at Saddle Hill Ranch.

Camping Tents & Traditional Lodges
Saddle Hill Ranch will offer you very pleasant countryside camping tents of all sizes as well as traditional eco-lodges with unique traditional architecture and design. Camping tents will be readily available and can be mounted for guest on command. Our tents and traditional lodges are being constructed to form a marvellous countryside settlement, from which a fairy tale can be created. Lodge at our traditional village and enjoy what it feels like to live in a natural African environment with the hospitality of our native servants.

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing at Saddle Hill Ranch and Resort is a fun and challenging activity for adults. Guests and visitors are exposed to rock ranges or single pitch rocks that span the entire area.


Cameroon is one of the older countries of Africa and therefore has a lot of cites that can be labelled as World Heritage Sites. There are several rich, historical, cultural and unusual attractions in Cameroon that form part of Cameroon’s heritage. The diversity of languages, about 250 spoken by about 18 million people is in itself one of Cameroon’s great cultural heritages. The list below are just some of the sites we want to you discover. We also advice you to get your cameras ready for in Cameroon there is so much to see and discover.
A requested Cultural World Heritage Site, this site is located near Bamenda. This area has about 50 buildings, most of which are terracotta structures, with tiled roofs. The central structure known as “Achum” is architecturally and religiously most important. This counts among one of the oldest traditional architectures in Cameroon.


Lake Awing is next to Lake Bambuluwe and is located in North-West region of Cameroon. Lake Awing has a length of 7 kilometers. Lake Awing, the home of the gods is simply fantasc each me nature’s sun casts its glows across the shimmering waters catching the disncve half submerged trees, tourist are lulled to sleep. It provides ulmate tourist splendor to the inhabitants of Santa sub-division in the North West Region and support a thriving agriculture industry.
In many legends, Lake Awing was and is sll regarded as the home of the gods which requires annual appeasement to guarantee ferlity, peace and love in the land of Awing.
Down the valleys of the lake, you will zoom through the rolling savannah, tropical gallery forest, home to their brothers and sisters, the Bororos and their vast investment in cale breeding and much more.
To reach Lake Awing from Bamenda, you turn le at the GTC Santa. The winding road across rolling hills and valleys, also punctuated by arficial forest, covering a distance of some fieen km takes you to this natural gi of Awing people. It is their shrine and a tourisc treasure and potenal you should not miss.
To savour its beauty and its quietude broken only by the voices of birds that sing over it, the Government of Cameroon has provided some huts that provide pleasurable shelter.


Bambili in the North-West Region is located in Cameroon, about 171 mi (or 275 km) North-West of Yaoundé, the country’s capital town. These are some of the note worthy things about this place. Lake Bambili is a crater lake located up the hills of Bambili precisely in “Ntah” towards the boundry with Kedjom Keku as it receives an average of about 100 tourists each year. Its wonderful mountain range view and surrounding landscape, a dream for every tourist and student who may wish to take some time on vacation. It is a considerable distance from the nearest close habitation, tour guides are available to help take any perspective tourist to this epitome of nature.


Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, located about 315 km (196 mi) northwest of Yaoundé. Nyos is a deep lake high on the lank of an inactive volcano in the Oku volcanic plain along the Cameroon line of volcanic activity. A volcanic dam impounds the lake waters. A pocket of magma lies beneath the lake and leaks carbon dioxide (CO2) into the water, changing it into carbonic acid. Nyos is one of only three known exploding lakes to be saturated with carbon dioxide in this way, the others being Lake Monoun, also in Cameroon, and Lake Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo. On August 21, 1986, possibly as the result of a landslide, Lake Nyos suddenly emitted a large cloud of CO2, which suffocated 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock near by towns and villages.

Though not completely unprecedented, it was the irst kno wn large-scale asphyxiation caused by a natural event. To prevent a recurrence, a deg assing tube that siphons water from the bottom layers of water to the top allo wing the carbon dioxide to leak in safe quantities was installed in 2001, and two additional tubes were installed in 2011. Today, the lake also poses a threat because its natural wall is weakening. A geological tremor could cause this natural levée to give way, allowing water to rush into downstream villages all the way into Nigeria and allowing much carbon dioxide to escape.


Lake Oku is a crater lake on the Bamenda Plateau in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It is located at 2,219 metres (7,280 ft) on Mount Oku, and is completely surrounded by cloud forest. The lake lies in an explosion crater formed in the last phase of development of the Oku Massif, a large volcanic ield with a diameter of about 100 kilometres (62 mi). Mount Oku is a stratovolcano that rises to 3,011 metres (9,879 ft). The lake is the subject of many myths among the local people. The lake is the only known habitat of the Lake Oku Clawed Frog. The surrounding Kilum-Ijim Forest is a nature reserve, set up by BirdLife International, and home to many rare species.



Wum head quarters of the menchum division of the north west Region of Cameroon.It has a great history and abundant natural sites and features.It has about 15 different tribes with over 25 languages.The people are very hospitable and welcoming especially to foreigners. You will be opportuned to see the following, Lake Wum(crater Lake and how de-gasing of Carbondioxide is takink place there) Lake Benakuma (still undicovered) Menchum Falls. Chief’s palace of Banakuma.


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