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Foumban or Fumban is a city in Cameroon, lying north east of Bafoussam. It is a major town for the Bamoun people and is home to a museum of traditional arts and culture. Foumban is known for its political signiicance in the formation of Cameroon’s history and its cultural, tourism and economic potential. There is also a market and a craft centre, while Foumban Royal Palace contains a museum with information on Ibrahim Njoya who invented a new religion and the Shumom alphabet. Foumban is the headquarters of the Noun Division of the Western region. It was the seat of the Bamoun Dynasty. The Bamoun Dynasty was founded in the 1394 by Mfon Nshare Yen. Mfon Nshare became the irst Mfon (what is today called Sultan and was the founding father of Foumban, which became the capital city of the Bamoun Dynasty.
This was as a result of the many wars against neighboring kingdoms between 1394 to 1418. Since then, Founban has politically, culturally and economic grown into a tourist city of great renown in Cameroon. Its rich history and development has seen it surpass other cities and towns in the region, and it continues to attract hundreds of visitors.


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