Arts & Craft in Cameroon. The Cameroon craft industry derives its rich resources from the presence of a large number of ethnic groups and a vast array of cultures and traditions. You can admire the dexterity of the craftsmen and women and purchase objects such as: masks, igurines, statuettes, leather goods, local skins and fabrics, etc. The palace of the Sultan of Foumban, Bamoun, famous throughout the world, contains a rich and very interesting collection which relects the history of the people of Bamoun. One of the most popular places here is without doubt the street where the craftsmen and women work and where the Bamoun craft industry is practiced on a daily basis, based on sculptures in bronze and other different metals, as well as a large selection of pottery. The Djingliya Crafts Centre is located 10km from Mokolo town in the Far North region, it is easily accessible and has a permanent display of works of art. The local art museum and the crafts centre with its tannery makes the town of Maroua one of the largest tourist attractions in the country.
*ARTS AND CRAFT PRICES RANGE BETWEEN 6.000CFA($12, €9.23) to 300.000CFA($600, €461.54) on the average.

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