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We are here to help. Please go through our website. We have provided data classified in a systematic manner about almost everything you need to know about Cameroon. We help you book your hotel room, pick you up from the airport, help you visit the Cameroon.

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About Les Charmes Du Cameroon

The charms of Cameroon, of which we speak, are defined at first as a grace, a singular attraction, materialized in a peaceful living together. The variety of reliefs, climates, landscapes, animal and plant species, presented as unique on the African continent, appears as a gift of heaven offered to the Cameroonian people and the world. Beyond the originality of its editorial line, the multimedia communication strategy called "The Charms of Cameroon", highlights the actors of Cameroon in search of emergence by 2035, according to the course set by Son Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon. This multimedia communication has a pedagogical and mobilizing dimension. The set of communication tools developed, with varied and expressive images, scrutinize the major orientations of the strategy that will enable Cameroon to make its way in the concert of modern nations, by 2035, in order to facilitate knowledge, information sharing, and ownership by all.


Louis Constantin Noumbissi

Louis Constantin Noumbissi

Chief Of Project (Les Charmes Du Cameroun)

In charge of the project, creating, implementing strategies. Overseeing different activities and departments related to 'Les Charmes du Cameroun.'

NDIFOR Norbert Efuetanjoh

NDIFOR Norbert Efuetanjoh

Webmaster/Multimedia Coordinator/Partner

In charge of Les Charmes Du Cameroun's online presence. In charge of developing and implementing online communication services. In charge of providing data required for 'Les Charmes Du Cameroun.'

Partner (North America)

She is in charge of representing' Les Charmes Du Cameroun' in the whole of North America. That is the USA and Canada.

Master Zingo (Stanley)

Master Zingo (Stanley)

Media/Press Coordinator


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